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Handling of the Backing Plate

Step B1 -
Stamping of the Backing Plate
Stamp the backing plate form high-grade steel into the exact design shape to fit vehicle caliper.            

Step B2 - Surface Blasting
Roughen the surface of backing plate for increasing the adhesion to avoid material breaking
away from the backing plate.                                 

Step B3 - Applying the Adhesive to the Surface
Apply the adhesive to the backing plate and get ready to bond the friction materials.

The Main Process                                     

Step A1 -
Formulating the Raw Materials
Each brake pad contains several friction materials of the highest quality for better performance
and long life.                           

Step A2 - Blending the Friction Materials
Blend the materials to meet the detailed formulations so that the performance of the brake pad
will be extended widely.             

Step A3 - Molding the Materials
Mold the unique formulations under extreme temperatures and pressure into the shape of bricks. 

Step A4 -
Bond firmly the friction materials to the backing plate under immense heat and pressure.

Step A5 - Heating
Heat the unfinished pads in the heating processor for 8 ~ 10 hours to the everlasting attachment.

Step A6 -
Painting embellishes the appearance of the brake pads and protects them from rust and corrosion.

Step A7 -
Grooving, Chamfering and Grinding
With the lathe of triple foundations- grooving, chamfering and grinding, it not only reduces brake noise
for quieter operation but also improves friction levels.                                                                       

Step A8 - Branding
Branding our unique brand and accurate part number ensures that the right pad is fit in the right car. 

Step A9 -
Riveting sensors can exactly tell drivers when their pads are worn below safe limits.

Step A10 -
Meticulously check on the finished brake pads before packing to ensure the safety of products.   

Step A11 - Packing
After shrink-wrapping, each brake pad set is singly packed in a cardboard to assist with storage,
transportation and the sale of the products.

Step A12
- Storing
Storing the products in our own warehouse makes certain our endlessly sufficient supply.